Rattle Up My Boys

“A quarterly publication for those with an interest in sword dancing”. RUMB covers a wide range of topics including Northern European Sword Dancing, rapper and longsword. Contact  for details and subscriptions

The Nut

Mostly about rapper and the people who dance it. The Nut is published three times per year by Kevin Theaker and costs just £10 p.a. Click here to subscribe.



The Miners’ Sword Dance of North East England

Phil Heaton’s history of the rapper dance.
ISBN-10: 0854182128 / ISBN-13: 978-0854182121

Longsword Dances

from Traditional and Manuscript Sources

Ivor Allsop’s tour de force collating the notated (“traditional”) dances, informally known as “The Green Book” (ISBN 0-9627554-7-8) now out of print.